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Welcome to the Lounge Stage at Falcon Ridge


The 2020 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival including the Lounge Stage will be held as a virtual event due to COVID19. Details to follow.


The 2019 pictures are up here, the 2019 songs here and the 2019 videos are here



Up until 2010 the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival was a four-day festival held on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday one weekend in July each year. Camping would open up Wednesday afternoon each year so that the people camping could get their sites set up before the official stages started up Thursday.


In 2010 the festival decided to go to a three-day format to save money, Friday, Saturday and Sunday one weekend in July, more recently the first weekend in August. Even though the official stages don't start until Friday the festival continued to allow people to camp starting Wednesday afternoon.


Three friends, Scotten Jones (Scott), Ethan Scott Baird (Ethan) and Jake Bush (Jake) decided to organize their own stage in the camp grounds. Ethan and Jake booked the musical acts and Scott brought generators, canopies, sound and lighting gear and The Lounge Stage at Falcon Ridge was born.


We didn't actually ask permission from the festival before putting on the stage and we weren't sure how it would be received, but the festival welcomed it with open arms.


For 2010, 2011 and 2012 the Lounge Stage was held at the top of the ten-acre camping area. After a partial rain-out in 2012 the festival gave us the family tent for 2013 and 2014. In 2014 only about half of the people who came to the Lounge Stage fit in the family tent and beginning in 2015 the Lounge Stage moved to the Dance tent where it is until this day. Around 2016 a farmer's market and tasting was added on Thursday and along with the Lounge Stage Thursday became an official festival day again.


There has been a lot of confusion over the years about who is responsible for the Lounge Stage. The stage was started and has been run every year by Scott, Ethan and Jake. In the early years Ethan and Jake were very active with their band Pesky J. Nixon and they booked all the acts, so many of the musicians and attendees associated the Lounge Stage with Pesky J Nixon, but the stage was really the three aforementioned individuals. Sometime around 2012 Ethan and Jake began to refer to their "community activities" as Tribal Mischief and began referring to the Lounge Stage as being presented by Tribal Mischief. Scott is not a member of Tribal Mischief nor is he a member of Pesky J. Nixon. These days the stage is referred to as being presented by Tribal Mischief (Ethan and Jake) and Scotten Jones (Scott).


The Lounge Stage is, and always has been the same three people, just different ways of referring to them.


We hope you enjoy the pictures (the pictures section has pictures by year), band descriptions (also by year) and music (also by year) on the site and we also hope to see you at the stage in the future. For anyone interested in performing please see the about us and contact us pages.


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