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All of the 2016 songs are now up here


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The Performers Guide to the Lounge Stage has bene updated for 2017 here


In 2010 the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival decided to switch from a four day music format (Thursday through Sunday) to a three day music format (Friday through Sunday). Many people who attend the festival set up elaborate camp sites and the festival decided to continue to allow people to set up their sites on Wednesday afternoon. The Lounge Stage was created by three people, Scott Jones, Ethan Baird and Jake Bush to continue to provide organized music on Thursday for the campers. The stage has been more successful than we ever imaged. Each year we present a mix of artists new to the Falcon Ridge community, Falcon Ridge emerging artists and main stage acts. The Lounge Stage takes place from 5:00pm to 11:00pm on the Thursday of Falcon Ridge each year. We end by 11:00pm out of respect for the late night song circles that take place on "the hill" (the main stage on Thursday used to end at 11:00pm). The lounge stage originally took place at the top of the ten acre camping area but moved down to the family tent in 2013 and will now be in the Dance Tent for 2015.


We hope you enjoy the pictures (the pictures section has pictures by year), band descriptions (also by year) and music (also by year) on the site and we also hope to see you at the stage in the future. For anyone interested in performing please see the about us and contact us pages.


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